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Advanced Metadata: Data Fully Understood

Advanced Metadata is a Data Science Company. We aspire to be data science and technology innovators. We partner with best in class technology companies, academic and research institutions, content subject matter experts and professional consulting organisations to ensure that we provide our customers with holistic solutions, customised and optimised for their unique needs.

Leveraging 20 years of experience in data science and information management, we provide clients with a complete view of their data supply chain. We provide holistic solutions, products and services to our clients, working with both structured and unstructured data.
Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ data is fully understood.

Our process includes 3 distinct phases:
• Data Landscaping
• Data Quality
• Data Analytics

Every organisation has an existing data landscape and an existing set of systems and structures that govern their data, their management philosophy and their company strategy. At Advanced Metadata, we have a unique approach to how we harvest data using connectors to a client’s existing applications, tools and data sets.

We differentiate ourselves by utilising the benefits of machine learning and a deep learning approach to Data Landscaping. Following our seamless data landscape integration, and in conjunction with our technology partners, we apply a best in class approach to Data Quality.
We execute rules based on the client’s use cases to achieve a high level of data classification and data categorisation, presenting a dependable master data set upon which informed business decisions can be made.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients with insights and wisdom about their existing and ever-growing data estate. We use our Data Analytics approach and custom suite of tools to allow our clients to analyse and make informed business decisions based on their individual requirements.
Through the use of audit and predictive algorithms, we ensure that our customers have a complete, granular and integrated view of their data, validated against specific, customised business rules.
With the application of our unique set of artificial intelligence tools, we provide clients with a clear view of their data sets, to quickly detect new and existing gaps or risks to their business and provide continuous, accurate and timely reporting. We then leave behind automated and ongoing stewardship of each client’s unique data and business landscape.

Summary of our skillsets:

  • Data Science capabilities from our experienced team of business analysts, data scientists, artificial intelligence architects, front and back end engineering team, metadata management engineering team.
  • Business Partner Consulting and Professional Services

Summary of our Product and Solution Offerings:

  • Data Landscaping
    • Metadata management (lineage, traceability, versioning, governance); Data categorisation, repository optimisation, data formatting; Management of Data In Motion
  • Data Quality
    • Data Classification, data profiling, data preparation, data modelling, audit algorithms.
  • Data Analytics
    • AI, Deep Learning, predictive algorithms, continuous assessment and monitoring of your data estate

Partner Ecosystem:

Partnering with organisations in specific Industrial Verticals, Geographic Regions, Subject Matter Expertise, Consulting Footprint & Complementary Technologies. Partnering with academic & research institutions in Ireland and beyond