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Pete Rivett, CTO - The Advanced Metadata Way

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Our purpose at Advanced Metadata is to create solutions that enable organisations accelerate any key data-dependent business capability.

We do that by combining our metadata integration and repository software with value-adding metamodels, industry standard frameworks and domain expertise to solve some of the toughest information management problems in the areas of: data governance, regulatory compliance, business intelligence, data privacy and data security.

Why brilliant metadata management is key to success

We believe there is a wealth of business design and control information sitting latent and disconnected in large organizations. That valuable information resource is called: ‘metadata’. We believe that when an organization decides to systematically harvest, integrate, manage and analyse all of its (business, operational and technical) metadata, it is firmly on the road to radically improved business execution.


Data Fully Understood

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We have solutions to help you Understand, Validate and Manage your regulatory compliance regimes.

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